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Agam Shri Coco Products

Desiccated Coconut Powder

We are Exporter of high quality fine grade desiccated coconut powder . We use only farm fresh nuts from coastal area's, Our DCP is naturally sweet has a nutty flavor and a crisp texture.
Desiccated coconut is very popular for cooking, making desserts or added to curries or chutney, confectionery, bakery products including the covering of chocolate-coated cakes for children, e.g. the Australian "lamington" cake. It is made by drying shredded pieces of pared meat (kernel, endosperm) of fully matured fresh coconut after the removal of the brown testa. It can be eaten by humans without further processing and it has a natural white colour, sweet pleasant taste and smell. This product is bacteria free and white in color.
Desiccated Coconut Powder


We procure Fresh Matured Coconuts from naturally grown coconut plants. Our Fresh Matured Export Quality Coconuts are packaged with special attention to ensure that they remain intact when reaches our clients. Our natural fresh coconuts are widely used in the food & beverage industry, cosmetic industry and health & beauty care products industry. We are well reckoned as one of the most sought after Natural Fresh Coconuts Manufacturers in India. Our fresh coconuts are healthy, delicious and free from impurities and savored by consumers throughout India.

Size of Coconut: 12.5 Inch, 13 Inch and above
Weight of Coconut: 550 gms,600 gms & above
Packing: 25 nut in PP bags
Total Capacity in 20 ft Container: 20000 Coconuts
Total Capacity in 40 ft Container: 40000 Coconuts

Virgin coconut oil

Virgin coconut oil is an edible oil extracted from the kernel or meat of matured coconut harvested from the coconut palm. Throughout the tropical world it has provided the primary source of fat in the diets of millions of people for generations. It has various applications in food, medicine, and industry. Coconut oil is very heat stable so is suited to methods of cooking at high temperatures like frying. Because of its stability it is slow to oxidize and thus resistant to rancidity, lasting up to two years due to high saturated fat content. Numerous governmental agencies and medical organizations recommend against the consumption of significant amounts of coconut oil due to the high saturated fat content.
Coconut oil can be extracted through "dry" or "wet" processing. Dry processing requires the meat to be extracted from the shell and dried using fire, sunlight or kilns to create copra. The copra is pressed or dissolved with solvents, producing the coconut oil and a high protein, high fiber mash.
Quality Characteristics Colour: water clean
Free Fatty Acid: <=0.5 %
Peroxide Value: <=3 meq/kg oil
Total Plate Count: <10 cfu
Odour and Taste: Free from foreign and rancid odour and taste
Matter volatile at 105oC: 0.2%
Iron:(Fe): 5 mg/kg
Copper:(Cu): 0.4 mg/kg
Lead:(Pb): 0.1 mg/kg
Arsenic:(As): 0.1 mg/kg
Virgin Coconut Oil


Copra is the dried meat, or kernel, of the coconut. Making copra-removing the shell, breaking up, drying usually is done where the palms grow. Coconut oil is extracted traditionally by grating or grinding copra. Nowadays, the process of coconut oil extraction is done by crushing copra to produce coconut oil, and the by-product is known as cake.
Two types of copra namely milling and edible are made in India. Milling copra is used to extract oil while edible grade of copra is consumed as a dry fruit and used for religious purposes. Milling copra is generally manufactured by adopting sun drying and artificial means.
Edible copra is made in the form of cups. Different grades of edible copra are available in the market according to the size.

Tender coconut

The water of tender coconut, technically the liquid endosperm, is the most nutritious wholesome beverage that the nature has provided for the people of the tropics to fight the sultry heat. It has caloric value of 17.4 per 100gm. "It is unctuous, sweet, increasing semen, promoting digestion and clearing the urinary path," says Ayurveda on tender coconut water (TWC). It is good for feeding infants suffering from intestinal disturbances.
Tender Coconut

Coconut oil Cake

We are one of the most trusted exporter of pure Coconut Oil Cake. Made using extracted oil from copra, these are processed through solvent process. Widely used in various food industries, our entire range is available in customized packaging as per the requirements of clients. Coconut oil cake is also sometimes called coconut meal, It is essential that copra must not be old or rancid as it will cause diarrhoea and animals that are not used to it are some what reluctant to feed on this product
Client can get from us an array of quality Coconut Oil Cake, procured from trusted vendors. Perfect for animal and cattle feed, these have rich mineral content. Also, known as Brassica Juncea Oil Cake, these are quality tested by our expert manufacturers. Customers can purchase these cakes at most competitive prices.
Coconut Oil Cake

Coir Pith

Coir Pith is extracted from coconut husks and widely used as an excellent base for growing tomatoes, roses, etc. Coir Pith is 100% organic, has high water absorbent property, within its cellulose structure, and maintains humidity for a long time. Our Coconut Coir Pith is ideal for soil conditioning, improves water retention in permeable plants, planting lawns in parks and gardens, planting sport fields and golf courses and planting vegetable gardens. We are one of the Coir Pith Exporter in India.
Coir Pith

Curled Coir Rope

Curled Coir Rope is made out of matured brown coir fiber. The raw material used to produce Curled Coir Rope is processed using sophisticated technology. Our Natural Coir Rope is used to make coir mattress, coir cushions, rubberized coir pads, carpet underlay, seat cushions, etc. We are one of the highly acclaimed Coconut Coir Rope Exporter in India. Our Coconut Coir Rope is Eco-Friendly, durable and cost effective. We produce Curled Coir Rope in spools each weighing 30 kg.
Curled Coir Rope

Coconut Coir Fiber

Coconut Coir Fiber is extracted from the fibrous outer cover of the fruit of the Coconut Plant. They are white or light brown in color. Our Natural Coir Fiber is spun to make yarn to make mats or rope. Coconut Coir Fiber, we produce is water-proof and resistant to salt water. We are one of the leading Coconut Coir Fiber Exporter in India. Coir Fiber is baled with the assistance of plastic straps, to ensure its high quality and utility.
Coconut Coir Fiber

Coconut Shell

Our organization is a well known processor of Coconut Shell Products. These are very hard and are derived from natural coconuts. Used to make a variety of bowls, tumblers, and show pieces, these are widely demanded in the handicrafts industry. We cater to a variety of needs of the customers.
Shell charcoal, shell based activated carbon, shell powder, shell handicrafts, shell ice cream cups, ladles, forks and show pieces, shell buttons are the shell based products available in the country.
Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is widely used as a water purifier. Activated carbons that are manufactured from the shell of the coconut are of better quality and effective as compared to those manufactured from other sources.
Coconut Shell

Coconut Shell Charcoal

Coconut Shell Charcoal is an important product obtained from coconut shell. Shell charcoal is used widely as domestic and industrial fuel. It is also used by blacksmiths and goldsmiths and in laundries. Shell Charcoal is also used to produce activated carbon. Activated Carbon produced from coconut shell has certain specific advantages as the raw material can adsorb certain molecular species. Shell is carbonized by using methods like pit method, drum method, destructive distillation.
Coconut Shell Charcoal

Soyabean Meat

TVP - chunks with its hydration properties can be used in wide range of food applications. It replaces vegetables in a variety of Indian and Western recipes. It also used as economical meat extenders / replacers. It is used as raw material for producing textures high protein Soya Flour. It contains approximately 50% protein, low in fat and an excellent source of protein, iron and B-vitamins. TVP chunks make special diet food with high protein, breakfast cereals and noodles. This is being a highly nutritious food supplement, is widely used in military diet.
Soyabean Meat
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